Zip Line over Costa Rica

zipline Zip line above Costa Rican jungles as you dangle above a myriad of vegetation and animals below.  Explore a new side of yourself with canopy tour options that include arenal, spider monkey, and ecoglide adventures.  Exhilarating, stimulating, and adrenaline charging, this is an adventure for those who are not afraid to explore new heights – quite literally.

The height of each zip line varies but some reach close to 200m above the ground with lengths of 2 miles long and speeds that reach 60 mph; but don’t let your fear of heights hold you back!  Tour guides are there to ensure safety and point out different animal species you may be coasting over.   There are many tours available from half days to full days at a variety of prices to fit everyone’s budget.

When visiting Costa Rica, experiencing a zip line is a must.  Natives say if you go Costa Rica and don’t experience the thrill of the many zip line surrounding you, you really didn’t go.

As you look out from the platform all harnessed up, it is likely your legs feel as if they are bricks.   However, after the initial step is made, you are committing to a fantastic view and a mimicked feeling of flying, something most would say quickly takes over any initial fear.  By the end, everything is worth it and you can’t wait to do it again.


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