The Deep Blue Is Calling You

The international “okay” symbol made by clasping the index finger and the thumb is all that needs to be known.  Well, perhaps the out of oxygen gesture could be of benefit..

Waves, fish chomping on algae, and you breathing from the regulator are about the only sounds you will encounter when embarking on an underwater SCUBA adventure.  Bonaire, a sleepy island off the coast of Venezuela is where I first learned to scuba-dive.  The beautiful tropical colored coral and schools of fish that gracefully swam by as if I wasn’t even there will forever be imprinted in my mind.

People are mystified by the underwater world.  To some, it resembles a sense of the unknown which is frightful and intimidating as they peer into the dark sea surface from above.  To me, it signifies the exact opposite.  I find scuba to be relaxing and a harmony of the many species that make our oceans thrive.  As the waves wash over me and I take slow deep breaths, I am fascinated by the abandon ships, and dive sites right before my eyes.

Experiencing life from above the ocean’s surface means experiencing only half of what the world has to offer.  A whole new perspective awaits, and do you hear that?…that’s the sound of the fish calling your name.  So put on your wet suit and strap on some fins, you have a second world to explore.  A world that does not consist of trees or air or buildings or pavement.  A world that is unfamiliar to you.  A world that cannot be found in your phone or on a TV screen.  This is a world as though painted in a picture; something that you will always treasure.

I challenge you to create your own picture of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface.  After all, no two images will be created equal.

Fredericksted Pier underwater


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