The Lazy Way Down”

Have you ever climbed a mountain where you could see the car parking lot at the base and thought, it would be so nice to hang glide or paraglide down? After all, you put in all the work going up so you deserve it, right?!

I have always wanted to paraglide or hang glide off of a mountain top.  Although I haven’t thought far enough ahead as to how I would get the parachute and equipment up the mountain, on a clear day it seems as if the wind in your face would be both a thrill of excitement and a sense of calmness as you are all strapped in.

I was curious as to the difference between hang gliding and paragliding and after some research found that:

1. Hang gliders typically weigh more than 50 pounds and are most easily carried on a roof rack, while paragliders typically weigh less than 50 pounds and are carried via a backpack.

2. Hang gliders are completely disassembled for transport and typically require about 30 minutes to set-up and prepare to launch; paragliders are packed completely assembled and can take as little as 5 minutes to set-up and take flight.

3. Hang gliders are more streamlined and capable of much faster speeds compared to paragliders; however, due to their slower speed paragliders can typically land in much smaller fields.


While both have there pros and cons, I would be hesitant to do either due to the fact that both are dangerous.  Rising thermals of warm air can quickly make a parachute collapse and I would be scared about where I was going to land.  Perhaps with some advice from a pro and some convincing that it is safe, I would run myself off the ledge, quite literally.

paragliding-918721_960_720.jpg (960×642)”


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