Powder up in the Alps



On a bluebird sky day with not a cloud around, it is common to see thousands of “S’s” from skiers and snowboarders carving into the mountain side of the Swiss Alps.  It is great to breathe in the fresh air and surround yourself with high-energy people who love the outdoors because the sights before your eyes will be like none you have seen before.

Goggles are a must with the bright sunshine, however, goggle tan lines are always welcome and lend themselves well to good stories.  I have always wanted to go with a big group of friends to the Alps and experience skiing on mountains that are a “tad” higher than the White’s in New Hampshire.  From what I hear, they are quite the spectacle.



Not only would it be fun to see Switzerland, but living in a snow covered lodge for some time where you could ski village to village would be like nothing I have experienced before.  In New Hampshire, we have hillside condos, but not villages that allow skiing between them.  I’m sure there would be many good laughs by the fireplace and many snowy boots on the door mat.

I would go even just to ride the rotating ski lift that is enclosed like a tram.  Being surrounded by mountains on all sides as you climb the mountain seems like a fun day trip with a panorama that would be worthy of many pictures.

The snow, the scenery, the mountain top restaurants (with fondue made of Swiss chocolate of course) seems like reason enough for me to start packing my bags.  I think I would have to stay for two weeks at least though, just to acclimate to the difference in pressure;)


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