Fly High

             Perhaps at the top of my bucket list is to try out a water jet-pack.  With a love for the ocean and a soft surface in the case of a wipe-out, this seems like a blast.  The long hose that is connected to the jet pack is hooked up to an external watercraft, often a jetski, in order to fuel the propulsion.  A simple pull of the handheld throttles initiates enough thrust-to-weight ratio to lift off and maneuver in a way that no other aircraft or design has in the past.  The stainless steel sleek design is void of corrosion and the connecting hose acts as a tether to keep flying to certain altitude.  The hose additionally keeps you and the jet-pack from flying over land.

Surprisingly, from what I have read, there is great stability and control with the device as the throttles are well away from the hand held controls and additional force is not needed to maneuver the machine.  As of now, jet-packs are located in popular vacation locations such as San Diego, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach, but people have been known to buy the jet pack separately and rig up their pre-owned jet-ski to supply the power.  I think I’ll stick to paying the going rate of $100 for a 15 minute flight, as steep as that may sound.

From pictures, it seems that becoming Buzz Lightyear with one hand extended while flying just may become a reality (at least for a few minutes). Twists, turns, even flips have all been done (mostly by professional demonstrators) but I think it would b fun just to mimic the feeling of flying on what is a rather safe and growing sport.  Perhaps one day there will be competitions for the trend-setters of jet-setters.







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