Cliff Jumping

I have jumped off of small cliffs on lakes in New York , however I want to scale the height and change up the scenery a bit.  Acapulco has always been on my list, not only for the scenery and pretty blue water but for the cliff diving in particular.

As a child I was always a diver (in the pool that is) and always wanted to push my limits from back dives to flips etc.  I guess it is fitting that I am attracted to cliff jumping/diving.  I am always hesitant to do it at first but after I have done it once and am all wet, I can never get enough and always want to go higher and farther.  The only tricky part is climbing up the steep rocks when your’re done.

Cliff jumping is such a thrilling experience and is usually found at the most scenic, relaxed places surrounding a beach.  What’s not to love?  Sometimes there are swimming holes and natural pools carved out around the rock formations, pleasant for even the non-adventurous.

I have found that it is not as easy as it looks.  That being, simply step off and let yourself fall.  In fact, the higher cliffs the more complicated it becomes.  You need to be sure that you propel out far enough that no accidents on your descent occur.  Timing and precision on how you enter the water is also needed.  Shoes are sometimes important if the cliff is high enough to minimize some of the impact.  And then there is always the depth of the water and wave height once landing.

If these are enough reasons to opt out, there are great opportunities to watch the professionals perfect their technique in places like Acapulco and Negril.  There are even competitions that bring many viewers and if nothing else a good time hanging out with friends on a beach.








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