Kayak down the Rapids


Another adventure on my bucket list is to go white water kayaking.  After renting or purchasing a boat, paddle, and helmet, all that’s left is to find a river suitable to how adventurous you are and how high the rapids get.  It would be smart to start on smaller rapids to “get my feet wet” so to speak and slowly work my way up.  It looks like a rush of adrenaline as you strategically plan your moves to maneuver around rocks, sticks and other objects.  With spring on its way, this is prime time for higher rapids due to snow runoff making it all that more fun and safe.  Spring time paddling would be cold though, so I would definitely look into renting or buying a wet suit/dry suit.

There are different types of boats with different lengths and weight ratios for stabilization and technical purposes.  The shortest of all of them is called a rodeo boat, shortened to slice through the water and maneuver around any obstacles and narrower streams.  To me, this boat seems to be a good style for a novice like me however, I read that the shorter the boat, the harder it is to work on technique because of less boat beneath you.

With this activity, it seems beneficial to take a tour or go with a guide to ensure safety and perfect technique before just jumping in and going.  I would like to go on some river that I have never seen before, perhaps with a place to stop and eat lunch or watch a waterfall etc.

In North Creek, NY , near where I live, there is a white water derby in May for 2.5 miles down the Hudson River.  This is always a blast to watch hundreds of kayakers race down the river, almost as  if they were bumper cars the whole way down.  They have no mercy on each other, making this sport not for the light-hearted.  I missed it last year but will try to make it a point to go and watch this May if it is after school gets out.



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