Dive with the Big Boys

Deep below the ocean’s surface, with nothing but an oxygen tank, a wetsuit, and some bait, avid divers strap themselves into a cage and tantalize sharks to eat out of their hand.  Quite literally and figuratively, that would “rattle my cage” but despite wide eyes and a rushed heartrate, I think I would give it a shot.  Special gloves and protective gear to avoid bites or other injuries would be a necessity as I am sure my hands would be shaking the minute a shark got close enough to me.  But how many people can say they have ever done it?  Perhaps the only lure to the adventure is the sense of excitement, thrill, and good stories, but reason enough for me to try it, especially if protected by the metal cage.

Shark Diving Image

Imagine swimming among animals three, four, ten times your size in their own natural habitat.  Dark..eerie..unnatural..yes, but all the better to be pushed out of your comfort zone.  A go-pro camera would be amazing to watch back footage of sharks feeding out of your hand, assuming there would be enough light to capture a good video.  There are places all around the world that do this and group sizes vary from 3 or 4 people all the way up to 10+.  If I ever get the opportunity with friends who are adventurous enough I think it would be a great way to explore new heights..or depths.  Perhaps this is one of those “don’t tell mom” things though!


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