Volcano Surf

Volcano Boarding: Extreme and Dusty

        As a volcano erupts, spills over, and cools, some people are trying to avoid the natural disaster while others are planning their surfing adventure.  Surfing doesn’t only happen on water, but on the leftover coals that have eroded into a sand-like texture.  Surf down the slopping volcano walls as you meander around each bump and groove.  This activity is for the adventurous who aren’t afraid to do a little traveling to find a volcano or who want to try something completely new. Test your balance and coordination as you try to keep your feet underneath you and on the surf board.  For those who want to try it, protective gear includes pads for elbows and knees, a helmet, goggles, and jumpsuit as the bare minimum.

With concerns aside, many places located around Latin America such as Nicaragua and Guatemala have sign ups available.  Riders hike up the volcano before proceeding down on a thin plywood or metal board.  Hot ash, coals, and poisonous gases make this an extreme sport to say the least.  While it looks like sand dunes at first, the closer you get, you’ll see the hard rock like features that make it anything but a soft landing (or so I’m told).

Some of the volcanoes are active every day while others haven’t erupted since the late 90’s.  Either way, there is great risk associated with the extreme sport where on the hike up the only thought going through your mind is “I hope I will only be boarding on ash today and not lava!”  But with the stunning views from the summit, these thoughts don’t seem to keep the adventurists from going 50 mph down a volcano on a wood board!  Now, if only I had the courage…



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