Rock Climb in Utah

Fisher Towers at sunset.JPG

Sandstone and limestone rock, native to much of Utah, is easily eroded away by water and wind leading to some miraculous scenery and rock climbing adventures.  The red hint to the rock with little vegetation around is something that we don’t see here in New Hampshire.  Steeply sloped, smooth mountains make it difficult to place hands and feet into nearly nonexistent crevices but all the more of a challenge it becomes.  While it may be a struggle on the way up due to the lack of clip in stations, the views look to be more than worth it.

There are adventures for all different experience levels, therefore I am certain I would be able to summit.  From canyons to deserts, Utah has something for everyone’s taste.  National parks are located all around the area making for easy access to an hour, day, or week long climbing adventure.  Between the backdrop of the blue sky against the reddish brown rocks and the amazing natural sculptures that have formed in and around them, I would love to go and try an easier climb (while bringing a camera of course).  It would also be fun to go and watch professional climbers as they meticulously perfect their every move.  Hopefully a visit to Utah is in my near future since I have friends who are moving out there next year!



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