African Safari

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear African adventure? Safari? Me too.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  Between the animals, the bumpy land rover ride, and the scenery, I think it would be a fun daytime expedition.  Depending on which region you visit in Africa, the landscapes and attractions are quite different. East Africa pushes Mount Kilimanjaro, however, Botswana and Zimbabwe are home to 80% of Southern Africa’s 300,000 elephants where it is not uncommon to see herds along the northern borders.  I would want to go during the green season, March to November, as this is the time when many baby animals are born due to the availability of vegetation and nutrients.

Zebras - Camdeboo National Park

I recently learned that baby zebra (foals) are brown and white when they are born and then turn black and white as they age.  It would be amazing to see a brown and white baby zebra and perhaps a tour guide would know what causes the color transition.  While zebras are beautiful, the animal I would want to see most is a giraffe due to its stature and grace as it eats off of high trees.  And usually where there is one, there are more.  As long as it didn’t get too hot in the safari, the lure of roaming wide open territory is why this is a top adventure on my bucket list.