Cliff Jumping

I have jumped off of small cliffs on lakes in New York , however I want to scale the height and change up the scenery a bit.  Acapulco has always been on my list, not only for the scenery and pretty blue water but for the cliff diving in particular.

As a child I was always a diver (in the pool that is) and always wanted to push my limits from back dives to flips etc.  I guess it is fitting that I am attracted to cliff jumping/diving.  I am always hesitant to do it at first but after I have done it once and am all wet, I can never get enough and always want to go higher and farther.  The only tricky part is climbing up the steep rocks when your’re done.

Cliff jumping is such a thrilling experience and is usually found at the most scenic, relaxed places surrounding a beach.  What’s not to love?  Sometimes there are swimming holes and natural pools carved out around the rock formations, pleasant for even the non-adventurous.

I have found that it is not as easy as it looks.  That being, simply step off and let yourself fall.  In fact, the higher cliffs the more complicated it becomes.  You need to be sure that you propel out far enough that no accidents on your descent occur.  Timing and precision on how you enter the water is also needed.  Shoes are sometimes important if the cliff is high enough to minimize some of the impact.  And then there is always the depth of the water and wave height once landing.

If these are enough reasons to opt out, there are great opportunities to watch the professionals perfect their technique in places like Acapulco and Negril.  There are even competitions that bring many viewers and if nothing else a good time hanging out with friends on a beach.








Fly High

             Perhaps at the top of my bucket list is to try out a water jet-pack.  With a love for the ocean and a soft surface in the case of a wipe-out, this seems like a blast.  The long hose that is connected to the jet pack is hooked up to an external watercraft, often a jetski, in order to fuel the propulsion.  A simple pull of the handheld throttles initiates enough thrust-to-weight ratio to lift off and maneuver in a way that no other aircraft or design has in the past.  The stainless steel sleek design is void of corrosion and the connecting hose acts as a tether to keep flying to certain altitude.  The hose additionally keeps you and the jet-pack from flying over land.

Surprisingly, from what I have read, there is great stability and control with the device as the throttles are well away from the hand held controls and additional force is not needed to maneuver the machine.  As of now, jet-packs are located in popular vacation locations such as San Diego, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach, but people have been known to buy the jet pack separately and rig up their pre-owned jet-ski to supply the power.  I think I’ll stick to paying the going rate of $100 for a 15 minute flight, as steep as that may sound.

From pictures, it seems that becoming Buzz Lightyear with one hand extended while flying just may become a reality (at least for a few minutes). Twists, turns, even flips have all been done (mostly by professional demonstrators) but I think it would b fun just to mimic the feeling of flying on what is a rather safe and growing sport.  Perhaps one day there will be competitions for the trend-setters of jet-setters.






Powder up in the Alps


On a bluebird sky day with not a cloud around, it is common to see thousands of “S’s” from skiers and snowboarders carving into the mountain side of the Swiss Alps.  It is great to breathe in the fresh air and surround yourself with high-energy people who love the outdoors because the sights before your eyes will be like none you have seen before.

Goggles are a must with the bright sunshine, however, goggle tan lines are always welcome and lend themselves well to good stories.  I have always wanted to go with a big group of friends to the Alps and experience skiing on mountains that are a “tad” higher than the White’s in New Hampshire.  From what I hear, they are quite the spectacle.


Not only would it be fun to see Switzerland, but living in a snow covered lodge for some time where you could ski village to village would be like nothing I have experienced before.  In New Hampshire, we have hillside condos, but not villages that allow skiing between them.  I’m sure there would be many good laughs by the fireplace and many snowy boots on the door mat.

I would go even just to ride the rotating ski lift that is enclosed like a tram.  Being surrounded by mountains on all sides as you climb the mountain seems like a fun day trip with a panorama that would be worthy of many pictures.

The snow, the scenery, the mountain top restaurants (with fondue made of Swiss chocolate of course) seems like reason enough for me to start packing my bags.  I think I would have to stay for two weeks at least though, just to acclimate to the difference in pressure;)

Running of the Bulls



From the 6th to the 14th of July, the running of the bulls takes place in Irunea/Pamplona, Spain.  It is a well celebrated occasion and something that started from needing to get the bulls from outside the city into the bullring.

The atmosphere surrounding the running of the bulls ceremony opens with chanting and waiving rolled newspapers high in the air.  Upon the sound of a rocket being fired, the corral is opened and the bulls are released.  With laser eyes and an enthused energy toward whatever is in their path, the bulls are set free.

What makes anyone want to do this, I don’t know.  Although the run only lasts a few minutes, I am sure that would seem like an eternity when you are running for your life.  Since 1910, 15 people have been killed in Pamplona, enough to make me stick to watching the event.  I think the energy and atmosphere is why thousands of people event.

While I knew that there were barricades or fences that line the streets, I did not know that there are breaks in them large enough so that a person can slip through to enter or leave but small enough to not allow the bull to break through.  I always thought that once you were in you were in for good. I suppose that with are so many runners, actually making it to the edge would be nearly impossible when everyone is vying for that coveted position.

As for now, I think it would be a worthwhile experience to visit Spain and better understand its culture and tradition through an event such as the running of the bulls but I can’t say I will be jumping in on the action any time soon.